Saturday, December 6, 2008

Taylor days – post game analysis

Doing some end of week analysis I was struck by the similarities between the Sell Short Day on Thursday (Dec 4th) and the Buy Day on Nov 21st.

Rather than being classic Taylor days (failed test followed by a swing in the other direction) the coils that formed on these days made them more difficult to read at the time, at least for me.  

(Though the market had clearly failed to get any momentum beyond the previous day's range, in both cases the Opening Price was holding and Value was being built in the direction of prior two days.)

The attached charts show the similarities between these two days and the subtle clues that showed the auction had indeed changed direction (before the breakouts).

Chart1: Sell Short Day (December 4th)

Chart2: Buy Day (November 21st)

LMF = Low Made First
HMF = High Made First
OP = Opening Price
VA = Value Area
PDL = Previous Day Low
PDH = Previous Day High


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